Voice of the Customer software is not a panacea. Lift up the phone!

Implementing a software solution to gather voice of the customer feedback can be an exciting time. You go from a world of manual analysis and slow, cumbersome survey gathering to a new environment where real time responses flood in. You have access to a dynamic and automated tool that enables faster analytics and insight gathering.

But beware the inherent danger in having such a powerful tool. 

In some recent conference conversations it’s become apparent that some brands are seeing VoC software solutions as the panacea for their goal of understanding the customer. They’re forgetting that data is only two dimensional. Even with text and sentiment analytics you still need to validate what you’re hearing before you can proclaim it gospel truth.

For businesses looking to adopt VoC software solutions make sure you’re also prepared to allocate resources including time, people and money to calling back a sample of those customers who’ve been good enough to give you their views and opinions. Finding out that someone has given you a poor survey score combined with some pointed comments will give you a fair degree of certainty as to root-cause but this won’t be the case in all circumstances.

It’s about culture stupid!

VoC work is about listening to what customers think and are saying. Don’t let a machine replace every aspect of that work. Culturally it’s important that you still reach out and call customers back. You’ll be surprised just how much impact that short call will have.

Now stop reading this blog post and pick up the phone!

Good luck.

Paul Roberts, CX Consultant
Associate Partner of KOBRA AS from Exceed All Expectations in UK